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Juniors Orchid School is a English Medium School Managed by Jupiter Memorial Education Society. Our school follows CBSE curriculum. Our school is permanently unaided and is a complete self financed firm. The school was started in February 2013 by Simranjeet chhawla with an objective to impart quality education in an affordable fee structure, so every child receives quality education deeply rooted in moral, cultural and character building value.
This is an English Medium School. Hence English is to be spoken by all when on the school premises. Action will be taken against those who fail to do in spite of repeated warnings.
Our school not only imparts instruction but emphasizes corporate activity making each child mentally alert, physically active, emotionally well balanced and spiritually alive and reverence towards The Almighty God, Last but not the least we also believe in inculcating and encouraging feeling of equality towards every individual , animals and every religion.
The curriculum is framed in such a manner that it helps the child to reflect his personality and strength and make him independent and capable.
+ The School Aims At
The all round development of pupil. It not only imparts instruction, but emphasizes corporate activity, in character building, making each pupil mentally alert, physically well-fit, emtionally well balanced and intellectually alive. Last but not the least, it aims at including healty brotherly-sisterly feeling
+ From The Chairman's Desk
Warm Greetings !!
With great pleasure I take this opportunity to welcome all parents and children to JUNIOR'S ORCHID SCHOOL and wish all my students joy and success in their life.
Junior's Orchid school was established in the year 2013 under the Jupiter Memorial Education Society.
Junior's Orchid School is a progressive, child centered, activity enhanced school which is committed to provide the best quality education to all its students within the much affordable fees.
The school follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi pattern of education. Our School strives to provide quality education, emphasizing on a good learning environment.
Our management follows effective policy to assist our students to be independent, responsible, disciplined and to attain the maximum learning opportunities. The staff plays a role model for our students encouraging them towards better aspects of success.
The fact that children learn through creativity, curiosity and experiments helped us to focus on encouraging our students to explore and think independently and bring out new thoughts and ideas. Students are also guided towards developing sound ethics, respect for others, dignity of labor and honesty.
I dream of making my institution one of its own kind providing the best for its pupils.
“How High you can fly depends on how far your Dreams Go……”
Junior's Orchid School is stepping towards new milestones of education and knowledge. We welcome all towards our path of progress.
With warm regards.
God Bless
- Dr. Simrranjeet Chhawlla
+ School Managing Members
1. Dr. Simrranjeet Chhawlla (Founder & President)
2. Mrs. Jasbir Kaur Chhawlla (Vice–President)
3. Dr. Sonia Belgaokar (Principal & Academic Director)