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This school is an English Medium School managed by JUPITERS MEMORIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY(Govt. Regd.).

School follows CBSE syllabus(CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION, New Delhi).

The affiliation for the same is in process. School is permanently Un-aided, hence reveives NO financial aid from the government.
+ General Information
  • In case of any pre-planned vacation or leave, please inform the office in advance.
  • Birthday celebration should be informed in advance. No gifts allowed. Sweets to be distributed in school should be handed over to the teacher in morning itself.
  • Interaction with the teachers and staff to be strictly avoided during school hours. However this can be arranged with prior appointment.
  • Parents are requested to respect school staff(Teaching & non teaching staff) and encourage them to serve better.
  • Please keep water bottles in the side pocket to avoid any damage to books because of leakage.
  • Playgroup / Nursery - Please send your child in diapers in case they are not toilet trained till the time ther are familiar with the environment
+ About Payment Of Fees
  • There shall be no refund of fees under any circumstances.
  • All fees have to paid up within the stipulated time. Late payment of fees for any reason will attract a penalty of Rs. 500/-.
  • In case of a cheque being dishonored due any reason whatsoever a penalty of Rs. 500/- will be charged.
+ Parent Teacher Meeting
No Parents are allowed to enter the school campus or meet the staff without approval of the Principal, as it might disturb the daily routing.
To Meet The Teacher :
Pre-Primary & Primary : After School Session Ends(Every Friday)
Principal/Headmistress Office Timing :
Monday - Friday
11am to 1pm (by previous appintment)
Management :
To meet the School Board Members prior appointment of 7 days is to be taken.
Parents/Visitors are not allowed to enter the school premises with out permission of principal.
+ School Policies
Dress Code :
  • Children should be dressed in comfortable non fussy clothes.
  • Wearing id-card is compulasory.
  • Keep a handkerchief in the side pocket of the bag to facilities prompt cleaning of his/her nose.
  • Child should wear sandals or slip-in-shoes. Your child's footwear has to be labeled with a permanent marker.
  • The child should carry the Juniors Orchid School bag daily. It should contain a snack box, water bottle and napkin. Please lable the bag, snack box and water bottle with permanent marker.
  • Please avoid changing a snacks box and water bottle frequently.
  • It is compulsory for the child to wear the school uniform for all field trips.
  • The school shall not be responsible for the loss of the bangless, anklets, hairclips etc. Theses accessories are best avoided.
  • Paint stains on the child's clothes are inevitable due to numerous are activities in school.
About snacks And Water :
  • Please lable your child's snacks box and water bottle.
  • Eating snacks is circle time activity and we encourage sharing if snacks.
  • Good snack option would be fruits, salads, sandwiches etc.
  • We encourage independed eating hadits so please do not send fussy food like gravy items.
  • Leaking water bottle should be changed immediately. Please send only sippers and not Tupperware tumblers with lids or mineral water bottles from which water spills when toppled over.
  • Please do not expect your child to finish eating the entire snack box daily.
  • Parents intending to celebrates their child's birthday in school can contact the respective teachers and organize for the same. No return gifts please.
About Safety :
  • Both the ID cards(child's and Parents) have to be duly field up with photographs pasted on them.
  • The parents ID card should have the photographs of the person who would regularly come to drop pick up the child. The child shall not be handed over to a stranger unless we receive a signed letter from the parents informing us about the new person.
  • It's compulsory for the parents to sign the consent for the field trips/water play. A child without one shall not be participation in that activity.
About Vehicle Parking :
  • Please do not park vehicle inside Junior's orchid School Lane. We request you to understand the lane is extremely narrow and getting vehicles inside for dropping, picking your ward at common school time(eg 9am/11am etc.) may cause unavoidable confrontation with local resident's also will not be responsible for any damage cause to the resiedent's vehicle or your own vehicle while entering/exiting the lane due to space constraints. We suggest you to park your vehicle outside on the main 60ft road and enter the Junior's orchid School lane walking. So that no one faces inconvenience.
+ About Punctuality
  • School timing to be strictly followed.
  • Please pick and drop your child on time.
  • In case of late arrival, do not fail to keep us information.
+ General Rules
  • Do Not discourage your child from playing in sand water in the school as sand play and water play are an integral part of the school curriculum.
  • Please keep your child's nails cut at all time.
  • Please inform the school immediately about any change in contact numbers, address or email-Ids.
  • In case the child is absent for more than two working days the school must be informed through an application or a leave note in the school organizer, stating the reason.
  • Please do not talk to the teacher about your child's progress while dropping and picking up your child. A parent teacher meeting is organized periodically to discuss your child's progress.
  • Mother/guardians are strictly discouraged from following their childern's field trips.
  • Mother or guardians, waiting outside the school are requested to wait away from the sight of the children during the school hours. Don't make groups outside the local resident's houses while waiting as this may cause inconvenience to the residents.
  • SMS Service is an added feature and in no way is a replacement for an organizer note. Kindely check your ward's oragizer daily and sign.
  • Do NOT get your two-wheelers or four wheelers inside school lane.
  • Do not make groups outside/nearby school premises and avoid discussion about school & teachers always.
  • Due to many reasons you may not be able to receive SMS on particular days(reason like DND active on your mobile, network problem or memory full) in such case kindly co-operate and inform us.